Make a Change For An Angel's Education

The Piggy Race Is On

We are asking for (1) month you and everyone you know at work, at school, at home, at church and at local businesses toss
all your spare change in a jar and at the end of the month
cash it in and send it to Angels via check, debit or charge card.
The majority of these donations will go to our Meningitis Angels Academic Scholarship Funds
Your change can help save a life!


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Choose Your Pig 

Email Frankie Milley with the pig number and your name

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School or Organizational  Pig


"The 2008 Pig Race Is On"


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This race is In memory of Jane Menard.

Pig_cries.gif - (5K)Ella

This race is in memory of Ryan Milley

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This race is in memory of Emily Katzaman Essick

Please Help!
All donations may be sent to:
Meningitis Angels
PO Box 448
Porter, Texas 77365
or made on line at
Donate Now


2007 Change For Angels

You can collect Change For Angels All Year!

A Special Thank You to The family of HBA Jane Menard.

HBA Jane Meanrd's family led by her sister, Dawn and parents Randy and Theresa recently held a "Change for Angels" at Eaton Park Elementary. Each class collected change for (1 week).

The winning classes were treated to and ice cream party and some treats from Angels.

Photo is the Pre-Kindergarten Class lead by teacher, Laura McClain and Assistant Melissa Guidry.

When it was all over Dawn and school principal, Paul Hebert gave 
a check to Angels in the amount of $1,077.81 in memory of Jane.

Angel Helpers and Schools 2005

A Special Thank You to Mrs. Kathy's Kindergarten Class for working so hard and collecting $61.00 the Change For Angels Contest in memory of Miss Jane Menard.

School Total $ 319.40

Piggie_bank.gif - (3K)

Pig_skates.gif - (10K)Angel Carye Wynn is the winner for 2005 with a total of $460.00 collected for her pig


Piggie_bank.gif - (3K)

Babbit-Emparrass School

Hali and Charlene

Educating & raising money for Angels


 Collected in 2005  $533.44

See How Your School Can Raise Money for Angels



 How You Can Enter

Send Your Name and Pig Number Selection

Support a Piggy


View the Angel Pigs in the Race For 2006



All donations may be mailed to:

Meningitis Angels

PO Box 448

Porter, Texas 77365

Thank You and God Bless You

You now can donate via debit or charge card


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