This is a copy of a poem that was given to me the day Ryan passed away by Julie, the foreign exchange student who excepted the Lord that same day. It was written in Danish and English. Our Pastor read it at graveside. I pray it will comfort you as it did me.

Hans Christian Andersen wrote in 1825 "Det døende Barn" -
A Dying Child

I think this should be called the living child.
Mother, I'm so tired, I want to sleep now;
let me fall asleep and feel you near
Please don't cry-there now, you'll promise, won't you?
On my face I felt your burning tear,
Here's so cold and winds outside are frightening,
but in dreams-ah that's what I like best;
I can see the darling angel children
when I shut my sleepy eyes to rest.
Mother, look, the angel 's here beside me!
Listen, too, how sweet the music grows.
See, his wings are both white and lovely;
surely it was God who gave him those.
Green and red and yellow floating round me,
they are flowers the angel came to spread.
Shall I, too, have wings while I'm alive, or-
Mother, is it only when I'm dead?
Why do you take hold of me so tightly,
put your cheek to mine the way you do?
And your cheek is wet, but yet it's burning-Mother
I shall always be with you...
Yes, but then you mustn't go on sighing;
when you cry I cry as well you see.
I'm so tired-my eyes they want stay open-
Mother-look-the Angel's kissing me.