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   In Memory of Mason Ott    

Linda and Terry Ott ( Mom and Dad)

Angelo Parrish 

Faith Venverloh

Robert Lee Ellis
Richard & Trish
Susan L Maziarz
Mr.&Mrs. Bernard
James Shepherd
David Cervantes
Mrs. Gibson
Ellen Wiley Bywaters
William C Watkins

Evelyn Hubbel
Steven Okrei

Bonnie Savoy
Alice Collette
Mark Dickens
James Pickens
Michael and Mary Bryant
Michael Gerdes
Glenn Walters
Shawn King
Harriet Babchick

Pat Vassilakidis
Barbara Sandford
Barbara Sandford
Lora M. Mason
Bruce C. Greenway
Faith Venverloh
Angelo Parrish
Terina Miller
Evelyn Wisenberg

Robert Lee Ellis
Richard & Trish Ott
Susan L Maziarz
Mr.&Mrs. Bernard Ott
James Shepherd
David Cervantes
Mrs. Gibson
Shawnice Frieson
Ellen Wiley Bywaters
Carolyn Darmon
William C Watkins
Eileen Gibbs
Judith Gibbs
Claude Sonsino
Dr, Dennis E. Simon lll MO
Karen Tucker MO

In Memory of Alexa Senyk

2002/2003 Walk-A-Thon 300 + Donnors

In Memory of Kyle Vigil

Terri and Rodney, Mom and Dad
Ronald Alford
Jacqueline Banga
Delores Russo

In Honor of Kyle Ruzika from 

Mom and Dad

   In Memory of Shalon Titus

Mom and Dad

In Honor of Johnny D'Antona

Grandma and Grandpa

 In Memory/ Honor of local Angels Porter 

Walmart (Wayne Christian)

 In Memory of Ryan Milley

Lois and Buddy Mayo
Bob and Frankie Milley ( Mom and Dad)
Dr. Ken and Sue Korthauer
Pat Brock
Martha and Gary Outlaw

Jane and Rod Penrod

Jim and Betty Roberson

Pat Beard

In Honor of Leslie Meigs

Wendy and Jodi Meigs
Marie Walther

City of Houston Charity Municipal Fund

In Honor of Lindsey Gray

Mary Beth Gill
Shirley Harvey
Robin King

In Honor of Harley Beaty

Donald and Shirley Watson

Odis M. Southward
In Honor of Kraig and Kristopher

Mom and Dad
Pamela A Brock
Donna Stevens
Liane Rassier


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