Ryan and Friends



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Left to right are Ryan, Jesse and Murph 3rd grade and graduation day. Ryan had and still has many friends who love him. Among them are Calvin (Murph) Parker and Jesse Jackson. 



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Ryan and Shannon


We still celebrate you Ryan.


Ryan you have several precious  little ones named after you. Here are just a few. Your dad and I can not even began to thank the sweet moms and dads for such a great honor.




 Left is Christopher Ryan  Zapeda son of Tonja and Chris. Chris and Tonja take little Ryan to visit your grave often.     Middle is Luccas Ryan Harden son of Wayne and Courtney , Clayton's sister.  Right is the newest addition to the Ryan group. This is little Heaven Bound Angel Alexa's baby brother Zachary Ryan Senyk.     Ryan Perryman, son of  Fran  and Terry.  Wow what handsome boys carry your name. God Bless These special little ones.  A new little Ryan has been added to your name bank , Ethan Ryan Wilson, Oh! yeah Bear, Schmate is a dad. WOW!!!!! he married sweet Meg. You would love her....We do.




Clayton & Meg

Pam & Zach

Murph and Brandy


More to Come


Oh, Ryan


The mood inside my head and heart is sad in every way

The unfairness up and took a life, locked it up away

The questions asked by all of us who knew this boyish man

Have no answers anywhere for all of us to understand

The inequalities of this life, its balance is a shame

To take the best and leave the rest and who there is no blame.

Different a day when you lose a friend, the mood inside is sad

We look for answers in loneliness, no answers come to hand

It's so unfair, we scream inside, yet nothing comes to change

The battles that are fought in heart, can never heal the pain

Just remembering his smile, his countenance, is all that I have left

Oh, Ryan, you were a fine young man that I will always miss

Written by

Richard Prejean, golf teacher and mentor to Ryan

in memory of Ryan Wayne Milley