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Many survivors of meningitis suffer life long complications and illness from meningitis.

Meningitis Angels is currently working on a research project to educate the medical profession, educators and government on this fact.

 We hope this will bring about change in not only protection with vaccines but understanding of this very complicated disease.

We  hope to find a common link in the disease development and why certain areas in the country have higher case rates.

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The Annual Alexa Senyk Memorial Angel Walk-A-Thon is Coming

October 1, 2006 in Wayne, New Jersey

The Walk entry fee is $25.00

You can help by walking, supporting a walker or make a donation in memory or honor of your Angel.

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Our very own Teen Angel Leader Lindsey Grey is featured on page 134, in the August addition of Seventeen Magazine. Kudos to Seventeen for bringing meningitis and other vaccine preventable diseases to the fore front.

To read more about Lindsey

Angels and Vaccinator Leslie Meigs was also interview.


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We will soon have research questionnaires  on the common links to, the  after effects of and genetic links to meningitis. 

Meningitis Research    Please visit again soon for more information. 

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Meet Beary Wise.

He is Beary Wise cause he immunizes. He is our 6 foot bear mascot helping to educate children on vaccine preventable diseases especially meningitis.

Meningitis angels is a non profit organization.

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Frankie Milley never expected to take this journey. It is the journey of a mother
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